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I am Ken Moorman, and I am your Strategic Dream Coach.

"Pouring into people is my passion"

Ken Moorman

I help you decide on your most important goals and on your game plan. My team and I provide the tools, and support that give you a new perspective on your business and a fresh way of thinking and keep you on track to turn your dreams into reality.


  • We look at the habits, boundaries, and mindsets that will give you the confidence and accountability to up your game.

  • We’ll give you tools and strategies to identify, package, and expand your innovation so you can bypass competition and stagnation.

  • Brick-and-Mortar Strategy Consultation 

    • Strategize on Business Plan for opening a Brick-and-Mortar

    • Provide advice to clients—commercial real estate investors, lenders, or property developers—to help them make financial decisions about real estate transactions

  • Write Your Story- How to tell your story and use it to propel your business

  • Building a Successful Team- Learn the fundamentals of building a team for success

  • Define your dream! Strategy sessions to help you find your dream and take steps to fulfill it.

  • Individual and group workshops are offered with both virtual and in-person options.

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